Basic Attention Token Launches Solana NFTs, Expanding BAT Utility in NFT Marketplaces

TL;DR: Basic Attention Token announces its first Solana NFT collection, BAT x Adam Ape for Brave, expanding BAT utility in NFT marketplaces. Fans can discover the limited collection through Magic Eden’s NFT Launchpad, which brings them to a custom experience landing page powered by Cardinal, where they can connect via their Brave Wallets and buy the NFTs with SPL BAT or SOL.

Today, Basic Attention Token is announcing its inaugural Solana NFT collection, BAT x Adam Ape for Brave, increasing support for BAT / NFT utility within NFT marketplaces. The launch follows Brave’s May 2022 integration with the Solana blockchain to expand Web3 access. That same day, Brave unveiled its partnership with Magic Eden, Solana’s largest NFT-based Web3 ecosystem. 

BAT and Magic Eden have also joined forces with Cardinal Labs to make BAT x Adam Ape one of the first collections on Solana to launch with the new Cardinal Creator Standard, which enforces royalties at the protocol level on all secondary trading. The decision aligns with Brave’s long-standing mission of supporting digital creators and Magic Eden’s commitment to exploring new creator-supporting models, particularly as more marketplaces shift towards making creator royalties optional. 

Fans will discover and access the BAT x Adam Ape collection through Magic Eden’s NFT Launchpad, which redirects them to a custom experience landing page, powered by Cardinal Labs. There, fans can connect via their Brave Wallet (or another Solana DApp wallet) and purchase the NFTs with Solana v2 Wormhole BAT (SPL BAT or “wBAT”) or Solana (SOL)


Basic Attention Token partnered with Adam Ape, a renowned multidisciplinary artist in Web3 and the traditional graphic design and digital animation space, to launch its 2500-piece genesis collection: BAT x Adam Ape for Brave. Together, they created four PFP-style NFTs, modeled after Brave’s logo. Each of the four NFTs—respectively named The Curious, The Dabbler, The Degen, and The Sage—is dynamically animated with facial expressions and sound effects and represents one of four stages of immersion in Web3. Read more about the inspiration behind the NFT designs here.

The first three NFTs in the ordered set, Curious, Dabbler, and Degen, will mint randomly, meaning holders won’t know which piece they’ll receive until after they mint. Holders who collect all three may later have the option to burn the set to obtain the legendary-tier Sage, of which there will only ever be 300 in existence. 

Presently, there are no guarantees of additional utility for BAT x Adam Ape for Brave NFT holders. However, we’re looking forward to engaging with Adam Ape and the BAT Community to explore different utility possibilities for holders of each tier, including Sage holders, over time. 


Is there a Discord I can join for this project?

Yes, please join our BAT Brigade Discord community to stay up to date with the latest information on the launch.

When does the NFT collection launch?

The BAT x Adam Ape for Brave NFT collection will officially launch on Thursday, November 10th, 2022. 

Where can I buy the NFTs?

On November 10th, 2022, you can buy the NFTs through our custom-branded experience page, powered by Cardinal Labs. 

What time does the mint start?

Sale start times by timezone: 

  • 9:00 a.m. PST (UTC -8)
  • 12:00 p.m. EST (UTC -5)
  • 5:00 p.m. GMT (UTC +0)
  • 1:00 a.m. HKT (UTC +8)
  • 2:00 a.m. KST (UTC +9)

The sale will occur in three consecutive parts:

  1. Bravelist SOL mint for Adam Ape holders (30 minutes)
  2. Bravelist mint in BAT (30 minutes)
  3. Bravelist mint in SOL (60 minutes)
  4. Public mint in SOL (open-ended)

What is the total collection supply, and how many NFTs are in each tier?

  • The Curious: 1400 NFTs
  • The Dabbler: 800 NFTs
  • The Degen: 300 NFTs

The 300 legendary-tier Sages are not included in the initial mint supply of 2500 NFTs. However, they will become available at a future date for holders of Curious+Dabbler+Degen sets who want to burn their set to obtain a Sage.

What currencies can I use to buy the NFTs?

The NFTs will be available to purchase with Solana v2 Wormhole BAT (SPL BAT or “wBAT”) or Solana (SOL), and cost 3 SOL each or the BAT equivalent.  

How do I get SPL BAT or “wBAT”?

There are several options for buying or bridging SPL BAT on Solana: 

  • You can buy wBAT directly in the Brave Wallet with Ramp’s fiat-to-crypto onramp or swap an existing SOL balance for wBAT. 

  • Use the Wormhole Bridge to bridge $BAT from Ethereum to Solana. 

I already own BAT. How do I convert my BAT into SPL BAT?

You can bridge your BAT from Ethereum to Solana through Wormhole’s Portal Bridge.

Where can I buy SOL?

You can buy Solana (SOL) with fiat or crypto directly within the Brave Wallet via Ramp, or from any cryptocurrency exchange that lists Solana. 

What Web3 wallet can I use to mint the NFTs?

You can use your Brave Wallet or another Solana DApp wallet, such as Phantom, Backpack, Solflare, etc. 

Can I mint NFTs with the Brave Wallet in my Brave mobile app?

Brave on mobile does not yet offer support for Solana DApps. We recommend using the Brave Wallet in a desktop version of Brave to mint your NFTs. 

I am registered for Bravelist. Does that mean I get priority minting?

Yes. If you’re on the Bravelist and have registered your Solana wallet address and Discord ID, then you get priority minting. The Cardinal-powered minting DApp will detect your Bravelisted wallet upon connection and permit you to mint within the first two hours of the sale.

How many mints does Bravelist get me?

Bravelist permits you to mint 1 NFT per registered wallet. You will need to return during the public mint to mint additional NFTs.

I am not registered for Bravelist but I want to take part in the sale. How do I participate?

Once priority minting ends after two hours, minting will open up to the general public. At that time, anyone using a Web3 DApp wallet could connect and purchase NFTs with SOL. 

How do I view my NFTs in the Brave Wallet?

To view your NFTs, navigate to the NFTs tab within your Brave Wallet.

I want to sell, trade, or transfer my NFTs. Where can I do this?

  • Transfer: Select your NFT in the Brave Wallet, click Send, and input the recipient’s address.
  • Sell or Trade: Head to Magic Eden or Hyperspace and connect your Brave Wallet or a Solana DApp wallet.

I own a Curious, Dabbler, and Degen NFT. When can I burn them to get a Sage?

After the conclusion of the mint, we will publish a follow-up announcement detailing how to burn your Curious, Dabbler, and Degen NFT set to obtain a legendary-tier Sage. 

Remember, there will only ever be 300 Sages in existence, so not everyone can get one. Join our Discord and follow us to X (formerly Twitter) to get project updates first.

When will you reveal utility for each of the tiers?

There are no guarantees of additional utility for BAT x Adam Ape NFT holders at the time of the mint. However, we’re looking forward to engaging with Adam Ape and the BAT Community to explore different utility possibilities for holders of NFTs from each of the four tiers.

How does Cardinal’s royalty-enforcement mechanism work?

Cardinal’s Creator Standard solution involves (1) a token-manager protocol and (2) a corresponding marketplace integration UI.

Here, you can read more about Cardinal’s Creator Standard, including the technical implementation details.

Update 09/06/23: Due to Cardinal Labs ceasing operations in June of 2023, the BAT x Adam Ape for Brave NFT collection has transitioned to Metaplex for metadata management. While Metaplex’s Master Edition feature offers a robust and secure framework for our NFTs, including provenance tracking, it does not enforce royalties like Cardinal Labs did. This change aligns with our ongoing commitment to transparency and providing a seamless experience for our community. For more details on Metaplex’s functionalities, please visit their documentation.

This page was updated September 2023 to fix some broken links.

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