Success Story


  • 1st Day of campaign

    5X sales

  • 14-Day Sales increase


The Brave User Ad drove highly enthusiastic customers who not only bought single pairs of our underwear, but bought three packs, both men’s and women’s styles, and memberships in the same order. They were buying products that we didn’t even market in the ad.

Dylan Trussell & David Dinetz Co-Founders

Brave logo Brave Ads Performance

  • 14-day sales increase 500%
  • Clicks 181,391
  • 10 Sec Visits 84,513
  • CTR 12.8%
  • Views 1,422,529
  • Upvote & Downvotes 868/162

Culprit’s Challenge

Culprit was not satisfied with Facebook advertisements. They were competing for the same audience as every other underwear company, and regardless of how creative they were with their content, and how great their product was, inferior products could simply outspend on advertising dollars and get the sale.

Facebook’s pay to play felt like a chain of diminishing returns. They wanted to reach an audience that was wider than their base and their goal was to rapidly increase their sales.


Culprit chose Notification ads because of its unique approach to advertising. Culprit rapidly saw that privacy-respecting ads, that allowed customers to opt-in to view them, created a much more receptive audience and dramatically increased their sales by 500% in just two weeks.

With Brave’s ad platform, Culprit was able to tap into a previously unreachable audience and drive traffic to Culprit’s landing page that included a promo video and a discount code for Brave users. The high quality site traffic allowed for deeper engagement and immediately increased profits.

Immediately after beginning our campaign with Brave, we had highly enthusiastic customers engaging with our creative content and purchasing our products. Customers fully explored our site and asked questions that could only come from someone engaged with the brand. We were extremely pleased with the business results with our Brave campaign.
Dylan Trussell & David Dinetz

Who is Culprit

After being named Forbes 30 under 30 in Marketing & Advertising, Co-Founders David Dinetz & Dylan Trussell decided to market products they designed themselves. Underwear was unanimously favored as the most fun canvas for their wild cinematic aesthetic and Culprit Underwear was born. With a robust marketing team already in place, this self financed company set out to make the world’s highest quality underwear supported by equally high-end content.

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