Creators! Monetize Your Twitch Streams and Content

Using Brave Payments in the Brave Browser
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Brave now enables Twitch™ creators to monetize their content. Your compensation no longer needs to be based on vague rules or mercurial algorithms. Viewers reward you directly. 

How does it work?

The Brave Browser has a built-in payment system. It works with tokens that your audience members purchase — we call them BAT (Basic Attention Token).

Your viewers can contribute in two ways:


    • Option 1: They purchase tokens and set an amount that they want to give you each month. We call it “pinning.”
    • Option 2: They can also just set a monthly budget and then, based on how much time they spend viewing your content, you get a share of their monthly budget.


After you have a bucket of tokens, you just exchange them for dollars and start again.

You get a cool new way to earn revenue. Your viewers have fun supporting their favorite creators. Brave ends up with new users on the forefront of creating a Better Web.  


How do you join up?

Step 1:  Verify as an authentic Twitch producer here.

Step 2:  Then set up a wallet with our partner, Uphold, through the Brave Payments dashboard.


Have questions? Ask them here.

*Other sites with individual creators will be added to the BAT platform in time.