Frequently Asked Questions : Brave Ads Testing


Will all Brave Ads users have to share their data?

No, only the users who are participating in the Brave Ads Test will be sharing their data and will be compensated for it. When Brave Ads goes to production, user data will not be collected.

Why does Brave Ads Test need my history and other data?

We are training our on-device machine learning system to show people ads which are relevant to their interests. To train the system, we need data to learn how ads shown are matching versus user behavior.

What data is being collected by the Brave Ads Test?

For any volunteer in the Brave Ads Test, we will be asking for browsing history, the ads shown, whether or not you clicked the ads, your location category (based on a drop-down), whether or not you change ad settings (and if so what settings), your IP address, and self-reported data in surveys.

Can I stop participating at any time?

Yes. Simply stop using or uninstall the experimental build. If you could, please notify the research team that you are opting out.

How long will Brave be collecting data?

For those who have volunteered, the maximum amount of time Brave will be collecting data is 14 days. Afterward the volunteers will be prompted to download a non-experimental version of Brave.

How will I be rewarded for participating in Brave Ads Test?

Participants in this experiment will be rewarded via Amazon gift cards or can provide their Ethereum wallet address to get rewarded.

I’m not seeing Ads. Is something wrong?

Some users may have to adjust settings on their machine to allow for notifications used to display ads.

  1. On Windows, if you have Focus Assist turned on, you may need to turn it off.
  2. On Mac, you need to click the notifications list icon on the top right and then open the settings at the bottom right of the open panel
    1. Please check Do-Not-Disturb settings to ensure you haven’t turned OFF system notifications
    2. Also check Brave Developer settings to ensure Brave Ads are turned ON
How does Brave know I have observed an Ad?

If a volunteer clicks on an ad notification, the event is sent back to Brave along with the other data mentioned elsewhere in this FAQ.

How do I get my money out?
  • Brave Ads Test volunteers will be rewarded in Amazon gift cards.
  • Brave Ads Test volunteers can also decide to get rewarded in BAT by providing their Ethereum address’.
How can you guarantee my privacy?

Brave Ads Test volunteers do send their data back to Brave as outlined earlier in this FAQ. However, outside of the research consent form, their identity is never requested. Data is transmitted back to Brave in a secure manner using SSL and deleted per the guidelines in the privacy policy.

If I don’t participate, will I have to pay for Brave?

No. Brave is a free-to-use browser.

What if I don’t want to fill out the surveys?

The surveys are necessary to improve our user experience. Ignoring the survey simply means those volunteers would not be rewarded.

What does ‘Place’ mean?

This is a self-reporting category option so the system can learn more about different behaviors based on location category.

When I ‘Click to see logs’ it shows a lot of things. What does it mean?

These are the logs of your Brave Ads testing experience. We display this data to provide transparency to you about what data is being collected. It is JSON formatted, but should be mostly readable.

I see my history in the logs. Can other people see this?

If another person uses your computer, they could see the history in the log. All user data (explained above) is securely transferred to Brave to improve our system.

What is the maximum amount of ads I can see in a day?

As currently designed, the maximum amount of ads per day would be 20.

Where can I provide feedback on the Ads?

You’ll be prompted to provide feedback via surveys at regular intervals. If you wish to give immediate feedback, please do so in Brave Early Access.

What if I don’t want to see a particular Ad?

We currently do not have a means of blocking specific ads, but if you provide feedback it should help train our system. We will be asking for such feedback via our surveys.

If I turn off Ads, can I still use Brave Payments?
  • We recommend that you download the production version of Brave to use Brave Payments. This build is a limited test build that will expire within 14 days of use.
  • You can download Brave at if you want to use Brave Payments
Is there a Linux build?

No, currently there is no consistent notification solution across distributions. This prohibits Linux development at this time.

Is this available for Android or iOS?

Not for this test. We plan to bring Brave Ads to mobile later this year.

How does Brave select the participants for the Brave Ads Test?

The User Research team will screen participants based on criterion like prior Brave use, comfort and familiarity with cryptocurrency use, and technical familiarity.

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