Welcome to Linkbubble

How does it work?

1. Click a link in an app.

2. A bubble will appear on the edge of the screen and the link will begin loading in the background. As soon as the page is loaded, it will be displayed.

3. It’s that simple! Using Linkbubble, you can keep using your current app rather than wasting your time watching links redirect and waiting for pages to load.


What’s not to love about that?


Show me more!

You can also quickly share a link or add it to an app such as Pocket…

Looks both fun and useful right?

Linkbubble allows you to:

  • Load links from all apps
  • Redirects links to a dedicated app (E.g., Instagram)
  • Finds embedded videos so you can easily load them in the YouTube app
  • Load multiple bubbles at once
  • Easily switch between web mode and reading mode
  • Themes based on website theme and favicon colors
  • Incognito Mode for private browsing



Thanks, and enjoy the app! 

The Brave Team

PS. To close this bubble, either press the Back button or long press the bubble and flick it onto the Close bubble.