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QUIC in the wild

Update: This post has been edited to correct errors of fact about developer tools and APIs with respect to QUIC. Also, the original post implied that Google might be using QUIC in an anti-competitive manner. We regret the errors, and we apologize for the implication....

Their connection, your data.

Why should users care about privacy, and protecting their data from being collected and sold by third parties? To put it simply, your digital data trail is the evidence of your human presence online. Your data is valuable, private, and most important, it’s yours. You...

Unpublishing Link Bubble

Today we are unpublishing Link Bubble from the Google Play Store. To our loyal Link Bubble users, rest assured: if you have installed Link Bubble, you can continue to use it. The code will remain open source, so you can build, customize, and install it if you like....

Loading Chrome Extensions in Brave

Brave appeared on the scene last year and was quick to make a name for itself. Out of the box, Brave users enjoy fewer ads and trackers online. Brave also includes safety benefits, like the prevention of fingerprinting and malware. Like all software, Brave has its...

Introducing Brave Payments

As part of our 0.11.6 release of Brave for desktop today, we are pleased to announce the beta version of Brave Payments, our Bitcoin-based micropayments system that can automatically and privately pay your favorite websites. For the first time in the history of web...


We've been busy at Brave building a solution designed to give users and publishers the fair deal they deserve on the Web. Today we're releasing our 0.9 developer version, which delivers what thousands have been asking for: the beginning of support for Chrome...

Brave’s Response to the NAA: A Better Deal for Publishers

The NAA has sent a letter to Brave Software filled with false assertions, indicating that they have fundamentally misunderstood Brave. Here are a few misconceptions we’d like to clear up: Brave is not, as the NAA asserts, “replac[ing] publishers' ads on the...

Brave’s Payment Spec Out for Developer Input

UPDATE: some details in this post are obsolete; please see [new post] At Brave Software, we love browsers. We love using them and we love coding them. As the user interface to the Web, we know how important browsers are to the Internet. And – if you've been following...

How Brave Works for You

Last week I wrote: “Brave is the only approach to the Web that puts users first in ownership and control of their browsing data by blocking trackers by default, with no exceptions.” Our premise is that the Web requires ads for much of its funding, but not the poorly...

How to Fix the Web

The Web is always in trouble for some reason or other. I remember when Microsoft came after Netscape and threatened to lock Web standards into IE. Only the Web is so big, with such reach to billions of users, that no one owns it. This means it will always be contested...


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